Your booking an apartment in Toulouse

1 . How to book ?
First fill out the form in ENVIIVO with the button BOOK

2 . The Contract
Upon making your reservation  , we will send you a confirmation . A contract in your name and showing your dates will be sent by e -mail before your arrival. Print this contract because you will find all the information about your arrival to stay in Toulouse.

3 . Payment
The rent must be paid in cash (Euros) on the day of arrival or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

3 . Your stay in Toulouse
The apartment is available from the first day of your contract on the last day of your contract ( at 11am ) , unless a different agreement . The key will be given from 2pm.

4 . Deposit
A deposit is required depending on the length of your stay .

5. Cancellation

You can cancel free of charge until 14 days before aarival. You'll be charged the total price if you cancel in the 14 days before arrival . If you don't show up you will be charged the total price .

 . To avoid this we highly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.

The conditions of sale :

This lease is made to the charges and conditions on your contract and the following terms and conditions :

This lease is entered as a temporary residence and vacation. The premises can not be used as primary or even secondary housing and the tenant may not engage in any commercial , craft or professional activity .
Accordingly, the contract will be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code as well as the conditions set forth herein.


The rental period is specified in the contract .
Rental is for a predetermined which start on the first day agreed to 2pm , until the last day agreed to 11am duration.
The lease expires automatically at the expiry of the term fixed in the contract, without the need to give notice. The rental period can not be extended without the prior agreement of the LLC Bataller.

- Reservation by tenant The tenant makes the reservation of accommodation in the form at the sarl bataller  . He acknowledges , sending his request to have accepted these terms and conditions and be aware of the description of the apartment concerned by the application.
- Confirmation by sarl bataller
Within a maximum period of one  days , sarl bataller send an email :


In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant , and if the owner''s liability is not challenged, it will not be no refund , except the deposit. If the tenant serious reasons with the characteristics of force majeure ( unforeseeable , unavoidable and outside the Tenant ) making it impossible to continue the lease , the contract is automatically terminated . The amount of rent already paid by the tenant shall be returned pro rata to tenure that remained to be done.


The amount of rent, taxes, contingencies and deposit are listed on the contract.
The price includes:
- Making available an apartment furnished and equipped to stay
- Linen
- Dishes and household equipment
- The following charges: water electricity
- A personal welcome to the apartment on the day of arrival and departure for the formalities and keys

Upon his arrival and later to the keys , the tenant must pay the balance of the rent.
For all stays , the tenant must pay the keys to a sum which is defined in the contract as security deposit to cover the sarl bataller degradation that could commit during the rental period and missing that would be recognized at the outset.
This deposit , non-interest bearing , shall under no circumstances be regarded as the payment of a portion of the rent .
The deposit will be refunded on departure after the inventory output , net of amounts remaining due. In the case of damage arising out of the client and require quotes from professionals within 30 days will be expected to get back the deposit.
If an inventory was not done due to an unplanned or for any other reason Initially, the deposit will be sent directly to the customer . In this case the customer will be within 48 hours of receiving the email or mail sarl bataller pointing out the damage observed in the state of output , all the reservations they want. After this period, the inventory will be final and the amounts deducted will not be any dispute
Whatever the length of stay, any item lost , broken, deteriorated or damaged must be replaced or refunded at the sarl bataller its replacement value by the tenant who requires it .
The return of the keys to the sarl bataller at end of lease does not constitute a waiver of sarl bataller to compensation for rental repair .
To preserve the quality of our services the machine missing in the inventory output will be invoiced on the basis of a minimum of 10 € per towel , towels € 15 , € 30 per fitted sheet, flat sheet or pillowcase and 50 € per duvet cover .
A lump sum will be used for the cleaning. The amount is determined by the contract. ( If this is not not the tenant)
TAX : A tax is a set in addition to the rent the day of the keys , it will be stipulated in the contract , the amount rises to 0.40 cts € / person / day.

The premises covered by this lease shall not, under any circumstances , be held by a number of people greater than indicated on the contract without the prior consent of the sarl bataller . If necessary , sarl bataller may claim additional rent , or refuse entry places.

The tenant must be provided with a well-known insurance company against the risk of theft, fire and water damage , both for rental risks for leased furniture , as well as the use of neighbors, and to justify first request of bataller sarl.
Consequently, sarl bataller disclaims any responsibility for the use that the insurance company may have against the tenant in case of disaster .

- Do not occupy places bourgeois , excluding the exercise of any trade , occupation or industry , the tenant acknowledging that this rental is granted him only as a temporary residence and holidays, without which most this lease was not granted.
- User places peacefully.
- Do nothing, that his actions or those of his family or relationships can affect the tranquility of the neighborhood or other occupants , or bring them trouble in any way whatsoever, including noise.
- When renting in an apartment building , comply with quality occupant settlement inside the building .
- Occupy the premises personally and can under no circumstances sublet all or part of the premises , even for free, or assign its rights under this lease without prior agreement of the sarl bataller and hardly automatic termination hereof.
- Do not under any circumstances be able to store the furniture , except for clothes and trinkets .
- Do not make any modification or change in the arrangement of furniture and places.
- Do not put any clothes on the balcony or machine .
- Refrain provide for any reason whatsoever , no change to existing electricity and water facilities in the leased premises .
- Do not put any animal in leased without prior permission from the local bataller sarl , the possibility of such detention is subject to the fact that the animal does not cause any damage to the building or any disturbance in the neighborhood.
- Allow to run for lease, the leased premises , the work which the exigency does not permit the deferral .
- Maintain the leased premises and make them in good state of cleanliness and maintenance repairs at the end of use, including sanitary and electrical installations , repairs which the tenant would be held responsible if they were to deteriorate as a result of negligence or poor maintenance during the lease.

- Do not throw garbage , debris, pads, towels and greywater in courses in health and pipes of all kinds.
- Immediately notify the lessor of any loss and damage occurring in the leased premises , even if it results in no apparent damage . Failure to comply with this obligation , it would be liable for damages of any kind caused by silence or by the delay.
- Reply of damage and losses coming by his own act or by the fact that people of his home for the enjoyment of the dwelling , unless he can prove what took place without his fault or that of the above named individuals.

- Deliver the premises in good working order and repair , as well as equipment specified in the contract in good condition.
- Ensure the tenant quiet enjoyment of the leased premises and ensure vices and defects likely to be an obstacle .
- Maintain the premises in a condition to serve its intended purpose .
- Except for emergency clear , do not perform work in the leased premises during the term of the lease . All work will result in compensation to the tenant for the disturbance caused.
- In case of force majeure rendering the selected accommodation uninhabitable , offer the tenant or housing of the same size (or larger ) and offers the same benefits ( or higher benefits ) without discount possible , a smaller housing or offering lower benefits at a discount.

The tenant waives all liability claims or claims against THE SARL Bataller if :

1 ) theft, attempted theft, of any criminal act or any act of violence which the tenant could be a victim in the leased premises, the tenant expressly waives the benefit of paragraph 3 of Article 1719 of the Civil Code , LA Bataller Ltd. does not assume any obligation to monitor.

2 ) irregularities , malfunctions , service water, electricity, all computer systems and utilities and common equipment of the building or specific rental housing elements.

3 ) damage caused to the premises , leased and / or all movable elements therein as a result of leakage, infiltration , moisture or other circumstances.

4 ) to conduct generators damage other occupants of the building.

5 ° ) late arrival of the tenant in places , mainly because of difficulties in transport.

6 ) nuisances , including noise , may occur outside the housing.

7 ° ) of accidents in the leased premises or because of leased premises during the term of the lease , regardless of the cause.

8 ° ) malfunction of the Internet or cable television, or in case of no hardware compatibility with the housing of the tenant.

For the execution of this Agreement, the parties elect domicile at their respective addresses specified in the contract or provided during the booking.

In case of doubt about the interpretation of these terms , the French version shall prevail over the English version.

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